Rotho Scalp Medical Shampoo 头皮湿疹洗头水 200ml
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A shampoo that is particular about usability and prevents dandruff and itchiness

"Mediquick H Scalp Medical Shampoo" is a medicated shampoo that contains an antifungal ingredient (miconazole nitrate) that suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause dandruff and itching, and an anti-inflammatory ingredient (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate) that suppresses inflammation.

Recommended for those who have itchy scalp even after washing thoroughly and those who are concerned about dandruff. It can be used daily as a preventive measure even after the symptoms have improved.

Contains conditioning ingredients that prevent hair from squeaking even with this one. It has a refreshing citrus scent with a refreshing feel.

Weakly acidic, amino acid-based cleaning ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, non-silicon prescription, no coloring.


How to use: Take an appropriate amount, wash it thoroughly like a massage on the scalp, and then rinse.


【到货 日本Rotho头皮湿疹洗头水 200ml 一种药用洗发水,含有抗真菌的成分,有助抑制导致头皮屑和瘙痒的细菌生长,以及有抗炎成分抑制炎症,预防头皮屑和瘙痒,专为纾缓治疗头皮湿疹、红疹而设 】