Sato Nazal Nose Allergy Spray 佐藤鼻炎喷雾 (30ml)
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Brand Sato
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Stuffy nose, runny nose

● As a certain amount of chemicals can be sprayed, it can be used without wasting until the end.

● Since nasal discharge does not flow back, it can be used hygienically.

● It is a pump that is easy to push lightly with a wide area where you can put your finger.


Relief of the following symptoms due to allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis or sinusitis: nasal congestion, runny nose (excess of nasal discharge), sneezing, and heavy head.

Usage and dosage

For adults (15 years and older) and ages 7-14, spray once or twice a day into the nasal cavity up to 6 times a day. The application interval should be at least 3 hours.


之前好多人问我有没有治鼻炎的药两家药店药剂师,推荐的都是这款,Sato nazal鼻炎喷剂鼻宁喷雾30ml。

季节交替最需要它,暂时纾缓伤风感冒、花粉症、鼻炎、黏膜炎及鼻窦症等引致的鼻塞、流鼻水(鼻黏液分泌过多)、打喷嚏。 一喷就通。