Oronine H Oilment 皮肤万能膏 (30g)
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Oilment to cure skin irriatation 日本皮肤万能膏

[Skin remedy]
- Lightly rub a small amount on acne and pimples. If it is sticky, wipe it off with a towel, gauze, etc.
- Clean the affected area and apply it to scratches (cuts, scratches, scratches). Disinfects the wound mouth and prevents suppuration.
- For mild burns, apply gauze to the affected area. Prevents suppuration.
- Please use for scratches caused by knives, razors, etc. Prevents suppuration by bactericidal action.
- It is effective to rub the athlete's foot after taking a bath, but please continue patiently so as not to forget it every day. In addition, it is not suitable for juicy and moist athlete's foot.
- Please use for skin irritation. If problem persists please consult skin doctor.
- For winter cracks, chilblains, and cracks, rub in well after water work, after taking a bath, and before going to bed.

【家里必备的万能膏! 完全就像小护士一样,什么都能用 皮肤刮伤 烫伤 蚊虫叮咬 冻疮 都可以 卖了60年的大冢制药Ononine H软膏。大家称它为 #万能膏 】放一支在家里的急救箱,以防万一,尤其现在出门都难的时候。 不含内固醇 温和成份 ,价格实惠的万能膏 30g RM3x

#对烫伤有缓和作用 ️
#刀伤擦伤 可以防止发炎
#伤口有水泡伤口多半会赤红和湿润状 但是搽了这药膏了后, 隔天就很好的收敛效果

️️ 水性软膏, 具杀菌功效, 不含类固醇, 薄荷及樟脑成份, 非常温和, 小朋友也可以用。主治疹子、轻度火伤、冻裂、皮肤破裂、轻度刀或擦伤等多种症状,疗效兼备。