Ryukakusan Mint/ Peach Flavor 龙角散 薄荷味/ 蜜桃味 (16 Sticks/支)
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Brand Ryukakusan
Size (L x W x H) 8.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm
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melt like light snow in a mouth quickly


It is a pharmaceutical product softening which that, unpleasantness that I melt like light snow in a mouth quickly. It is convenient for carrying around and can take it with a stick form anywhere anytime.

  • The gentle effects of this herbal medicine works directly to the throat, healing its weakened functions.
  • Protects the throat’s health, solving problems caused by the throat’s dryness.
  • Works efficiently on throats with soreness, irritation, swelling, coughs and on phlegm symptoms.
  • Suitable for daily use to people who care to nurture the throat.
  • A stick packaged granule to take without water, a cough medicine which you can refresh your throat anywhere, anytime. Refreshing mint flavor


Powdered Platycodon Root 84.0mg, Powdered Senega 4.2mg, Powdered Glycyrrhiza 102.0mg, Apricot Kernel 15.0mg, Powdered Ginseng 84.0mg, Powdered Gambit 8.4mg

Please take it without water. Do not take more than 2 hours between doses.
11 years old or older and less than 15 years old ... 2/3 package ... 6 times
7 years old or older and less than 11 years old ... 1/2 package ... 6 times
3 years old or older and less than 7 years old ... 1/3 package ... 6 times
Under 3 years old ... restrain from using 

在这个非常时刻,只是少许的喉咙痛都会令人担心, 对症下药很重要。



按照以下剂量(1勺0.3g) ,用附带的小勺服用

  • 龙角散直接作用于咽喉黏膜发挥药效
  • 不宜用水吞服


成分 含量
桔梗粉末 70.0mg
杏仁粉末 5.0mg
美远志粉末 3.0mg
甘草粉末 50.0mg



年 龄 1次服用量 每日服用次数
成人(15岁以上) 1勺 3~6次
11岁以上15岁未满 2/3勺
8岁以上11岁未满 1/2勺
5岁以上8岁未满 1/3勺
3岁以上5岁未满 1/4勺
1岁以上3岁未满 1/5勺
3个月以上1岁未满 1/10勺
未满3个月 请勿服用