JennyHouse Hydro Keratin Essence Mist 精华喷雾 (95ml)
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Brand Jenny House
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This product contains hydrolyzed keratin and amino acid complex. The combination of the two ingredients can replenish nutrients for damaged stratum corneum. The natural oils composed of Camellia Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Zero Silicon quickly form a nutritious protective film on the surface of the hair, leaving it silky, soft and anti-static. Double-layer treatment for hair and scalp for softer, easier-to-manage hair and a healthier scalp.

✅ No-rinse Protein Moisturizing Essence Mist, first aid hair care

✅ Double layer treatment: hair and scalp layer, hair strands are softer, easier to manage, healthier scalp

✅ Water-based formula for fast absorption by damaged hair

✅ Natural oil complex And the mixture of zero silicon, make the hair light and soft. The raw material selection of the product has also been optimized, and it does not contain 12 kinds of ingredients such as silicone oil that are harmful to hair. Instructions:

  1. dry/wet
  2. Lightly spray hair at a distance of 20-30cm, evenly spray 10-15 times
  3. After spraying, you can massage gently with your hands to let the nutrients enter the hair, making the hair more moist, silky and shiny.



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