Svelty Black Ginger Diet Supplement 5黑燃脂丸酵素 (150Tablets/ 粒)
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Svelty Black Ginger 5黑酵素

Turn On the Fat-Burning Switch with Black Ginger

Black ginger contains several times the minerals, amino acids, polyphenols of ordinary ginger. Ideal for those who would like to go on a diet before summer or those with poor circulation.

Many times the power of ordinary ginger. In addition, the “black onion,” “black garlic”, “black pepper” five “black power” of “black vinegar mash” plus.

Diet does not work! Notice when the hands and feet are cold! It is recommended for those of you have such worries.

Take 5 tablets daily before heaviest meal of the day.

Svelty 5黑瘦身燃脂酵素
产品在日本推出 1 个月,就获得日本乐天 NO.1 双冠王

以 5 大黑色健康 superfoods 成份, 针对提升基础代谢,增加自体燃脂力量, 同时集合瘦身、畅便、抗氧化三大功能
#150mg燃脂黑姜精华 - 燃烧内脏脂肪, 促进血液循环, 改善手脚冰冷
#人气黑蒜王 - 含丰富蒜氨酸, 能代谢糖份, 调整胃肠的蠕动
#抗氧黑洋葱 - 极高的抗氧化力, 促进肝脏脂肪代谢
#烧脂黑胡椒 - 胡椒素 (piperine) 可极速烧脂, 减少脂肪储存
#畅便黑醋胶 - 平衡身体酸碱值, 保持肠道健康