Sante PC eyedrop 参天PC防蓝光眼药水
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Anti blue light eyedrop 防蓝光眼药水

Every day the eyes have to bear a certain amount of blue light emitted from the screen of the computer, or smartphone

Main ingredient:

with 0.02% vitamin B12 content: has the effect of improving the ability to regulate eyes, improve eye fatigue

It helps with Inflammation of the eyes compared to other light exposure, or ultraviolet rays, eye fatigue, conjunctival congestion, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming, when dust and sweat get into the eyes, etc.) blurred vision, itchy eyes ,blepharitis (eyelid pain) discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses

How to use:

Drop 1-3 drops at a time time, maximum 5-6 times a day

每天都有从电脑或智能手机的显示屏中发出的青色光,即所谓的Blue Light等慢慢地给眼睛带来负担清凉度:3适应症:预防由紫外线等光线引起的眼部炎症、眼疲劳、结膜充血、眼科疾病、视线模糊、眼部瘙痒、眼睑炎、佩戴硬性隐形眼镜时的不适感。